Nick Cannon ‘keeps feeling nervous’ with every child’s birth

 Nick Cannon ‘keeps feeling nervous’ with every child’s birth

Nick Cannon recently wore his heart on his sleeve and addressed his feelings of ‘nervousness’ when welcoming new children into the world.

Cannon made this admission during his interview with People magazine.

He began by clearing the air and admitted, “I'm so excited about all my kids. Constantly, from every aspect of it.”

“From them getting citizen of the month awards in the first grade to the birth of the new ones. Every day I just wake up excited as a father.”

However, the anxiousness of inviting a new child is ‘ever-present’.

“You get nervous every time. Every single time… because it's a miracle, it's God working.”

He also added, “You just stay in prayer, you stay in agreement with your partner to just make sure everything is a blessing and operates in the proper way. So just stay prayed up.”

“Because I'm the fun parent as well. I'm the dad that is a big kid, but I also respect morals, values are high on my list. And you know, we established that as early as infancy.”

“So then there's no reason to be strict because clearly I live a fun, open, free lifestyle, and I want my kids to be able to be happy and be that as well. But long as it's rooted in respect and love. And that's the lines where we try not to break or try not to cross.”